Cloudflare settings for YouTube embedded video on Wordpress

Hello, I’ve set up my free Cloudflare plan this week for a hobby Wordpress site set up about a year ago. At the moment it doesn’t run ads but I hope to start these when I’m happy about sitespeed and CWV, so I’m not yet ready to sign up to spending more money than necessary on it until it can pay for itself.

The site relies heavily (on every post) on embedded YouTube links to videos created by others. I’m sure I can’t be the first person to put lots of video links on a website, and won’t be the last.

At the Wordpress end I have plugins for Autoptimize and Lazy Load for Videos plugin (which works with oEmbed and replaces embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image). I had a fast site but still failing one CWV element, which GTMetrix suggested a CDN for.

So with help from my hosting provider (who uses cPanel) I now have a Cloudflare account, with 3 Page rules:

  1. (sitename).com/wp-content/uploads* TTL 24 days, edge cache a month, cache
  2. .(sitename).com/wp-admin* & instructions to bypass admin
  3. www.(sitename).com/* & instructions to 301 to naked domain

(without the brackets round sitename)

However, reading Community posts it looks like the YouTube video embeds might use up too much bandwidth and get my account disabled. Have I understood that correctly?

So I went into the 1st rule and changed the ‘cache everything’ to ‘cache standard’. Will that be enough to stop any problems with my readers watching YouTube videos via my embedded codes? Or will the bandwidth still be affected?

If it is the latter, what would your recommendations be? I’m not even sure what bandwidth limits are normal or a problem on the free plan, so would have no idea if I was heading for an issue with my account. I did read something about putting videos on subdomains, but I really have very little technical ability so this would be well beyond me.

You’re safe here. Embedded content does not go through your Cloudflare account. With this in mind, there are no Cloudflare settings that would apply to YouTube embedded videos.


That’s a great relief, thank you so much!

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