Cloudflare settings for subdomain


I am trying to have my subdomain added to Cloudflare on

What do I have to add to the DNS? I got this message while testing elementor. subdomain

elementor subdomain is using Cloudflare DNS!

Checked 8 global locations, found DNS entries for Cloudflare in 6

Found in: England, China, Denmark, Germany, Russia, USA

Not found in: Spain, Netherlands

elementor subdomain is NOT using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy

elementor subdomain is NOT using Cloudflare SSL

Depending on when you created that record, it probably is just a DNS propagation issue. The record is there and resolves fine. Just wait a bit.

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Hi Sandro,

I just added the cloudflare keys to wp-rocket plugin a few hours ago. So I guess I will wait for a while. Thank you!

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