Cloudflare setting: Has to be set by the hosting company?

I am trying to figure out who could sett up cloudflare in my domain and I need a bit of advice about it.
I do not have any master technical knowledge about domains, servers or DNS so my question might be a bit silly.
I need to know if our hosting company has to set cloudflare directly or on the contrary I might do it without them. We do have a VPS hosting and the company offers us to configurate the free cloudflare option. But I have been thinking it will be better for us, my company, to have control over the cloudflare account and configuration of all our domains.
I want remain independent from the hosting company, don´t want to be so dependent on them. I want to be cautious in this matter.
Hope any of you can give me a hand. Thank you!

Hi there,

I’ll try to answer this as best and quick as I can with my personal experience.

For me personally, it was always the best option to stay provider-independent and configure Cloudflare myself. This is because my website’s requirements could change often and I wanted to control whatever I use for it. For me, having it managed by someone else would almost always come with limitations.

However, having it managed by a hosting provider, if you don’t want to do the setup yourself, such offerings are always a great alternative to get a quick start and you can always switch later (even though this might take some work → you’d have to reconfigure Cloudflare then on a new account).

So as you want to remain independent, it’d probably be better to go and create your own account to manage your domain. It’s really not that hard, Cloudflare has a lot of public articles on most stuff, and if you encounter any errors, you can always contact support or ask the community.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion from being a freelance web developer prior to my work here at Cloudflare.

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Hi TKlein,
Thank you very much for your quick and helpful response! I really appreciated!

Besides thinking is best to remain independent, there is another reason to add up; the hosting provider did offer to do the setup for the price of 300-400€,and after checking all I could about cloudflare and its settings I believed that offer was a bit excessive.

I going to take advantage of this opportunity to ask you one more question; do you think setting up cloudflare for a ecommerce might caused problems with the check out process and its plugin?

Thank you very much once again! :smile:

Usually, Cloudflare can be configured without anything breaking, but test it out once your done to be sure.

The most important thing people tend to forget is the SSL level. If you have https on your web server already, always use Full or Full Strict. If you only support http, then use Flexible. Besides that, everything should continue to work and if not, we can find a way to fix it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank your very much, once more, for your useful advice and tips. :slight_smile:

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