Cloudflare services Throttle without proper notice or explanation


We have recently been throttled on our Cloudflare services without proper notification and or indication of what caused the throttling to be triggered.

We received an email:

" Dear Cloudflare User,

We have discovered that recent traffic from one or more of your web properties has caused a congestion event on our network. In an effort to preserve service to all Cloudflare customers, we have temporarily decreased the performance of any web property at issue for traffic management purposes. Some of your visitors may experience altered performance until this congestion event has subsided. The affected properties are:

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team ( ) and they will further investigate this matter for you.

Kind regards,

This is after our services were throttled and no indication of the cause at all.

After having a chat with live chat support, they also could not see any immediate cause for the throttle.

We are still being throttled without any indication of when the throttle will be lifted.

1 of the support engineers says this is all automated and will lift after a period of time where they see traffic has been reduced, the other one says the engineering team needs to evaluate our traffic to see if the throttle can be lifted.

How do we get this resolved (Get the throttle lifted, have a proper notification that throttle will happen and an indication of what the system picked up as the violation to have us throttled?) as this is causing a lot of issues as we are very dependent on Cloudflare workers and redirects, etc.

Hi there @dev124,

I can see that the case has now been escalated and I have bumped up the priority of your support ticket to High.

Our Engineers are currently investigating this issue. You should see an update via the support ticket once we receive more feedback from the team regarding this case. I will follow the ticket and can notify you if I see any updates.

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