Cloudflare service complaints / suggestions regarding support program

I recently reached out regarding a billing issue and required support for this. This was almost impossible to get and I am paying for a service. I would like to speak someone about how pathetic the support system is and how difficult it is for a non-enterprise subscriber to get support on paid products.

Preferably I would like a complaints officer (If you guys actually care about your customers you would have something like this) to reach out to me about it.

My day-to-day job is a Help / Service Desk Manager for an MSP that provides service to hundreds of medical clients. I may know a thing or two about support especially for critical businesses some using your platform however I have serious considerations moving platforms.

I have found this forum more useful for reaching somebody at Cloudflare than the official support form.

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Yep it is an absolute joke. You see this with many companies such as Sophos but Cloudflare is impossible. I wouldn’t want to have an actual problem affecting service as you would be helpless.

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