CloudFlare ServerShield in Plesk does not protect []

Hello team

I found a problem at the moment of protecting my domain [] from Cloudflare ServerShield in Plesk, since it is activated for [] through a CNAME record but not for []:

I have read the plugin documentation for Plesk but there is not much information about this:

I have verified the DNS zones of the domain in Plesk but I see no reason why Cloudflare can not protect the domain [] without WWW, since the website loads without this subdomain:

Can anyone tell me what could be wrong or what Cloudflare needs to protect [] from Plesk?

Thanks for your attention.

Your domain appears to be signed up via a partner setup. In these cases it is normal that only the www host is behind Cloudflare but not the naked domain. The latter typically redirects to www.

If you want your naked domain to be behind Cloudflare you’d need to talk to your host or deactivate Cloudflare at your host’s and move your domain to a full Cloudflare account.

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