Cloudflare Servers

Able to check if Cloudflare have servers in Singapore?

Thank you.

Yes, they do

Able to further check if we can point to Singapore?

Currently the cloudflare server is pointing to Toyko.

Thank you.

Since Cloudflare is an anycast network, you don’t get to choose which PoPs your website is served by.

You can check this site to see which locations you are routed to depending on Cloudflare plan


Able to advise which plan able to do that?

To point to Singapore.

Thank you.

You could try the Pro plan, if you aren’t currently on it, the Business plan would probably route more customers to SIN, but there’s still no guarantee. Again, it depends on a lot of factors, including your customer’s ISP.

It’s also very possible that Cloudflare is performing some sort of maintenance in SIN and therefore routing more people to Tokyo instead, temporarily. I don’t remember SIN ever being routed to Tokyo before, even on the Free plan, so this may very well be the case.

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