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Does Cloudflare have servers in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia?
Thank you

The POP list is here:

It looks like there is a POP in SA and ID.

There’s a POP in Jakarta (ID).

Sorry, what is POP? Is it a server?

Yes. POP is Point Of Presence. It’s Cloudflare’s equipment in that particular location, and that includes the servers & network equipment in that data center.

Then, what is the difference between CDN and hosting, aren’t they both server data?
And can I use Cloudflare without hosting?

Cloudflare is not a host.


So, my website data is still on my hosting and not on Cloudflare? And Cloudflare is a place for servers only and not a place to store my website data?

Correct. You need a working website with HTTPS and content before you add it to Cloudflare for CDN and security.

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Then, is the server here: available for all Cloudflare packages including free ones?

Why is there no answer?

I don’t live in Indonesia and can’t test CGK traffic. The following site might be on the free plan. Click the link to see which “colo” (data center) it goes through:

You don’t have to live in Indonesia, because I’m just asking, is all Cloudflare server data including those in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia free?

Yes, but the more you pay, the higher priority you get at local data centers. When a data center is very busy, free plans won’t get routed through it.

Fine, thanks a lot
But what do you mean: “won’t get routed through it”?

Is the server here: Available for all Cloudflare packages including free ones?
Thank you

Other than China, typically yes.

However, traffic can be rerouted at any time, and on any tier. Free traffic will typically be moved first if a particular PoP is overloaded.

So, only Chinese servers pay? And other servers including Indonesia and Saudi for free?

And what do you mean “be moved first if a particular PoP is overloaded” What does it mean to move to my hosting? Or where?

China servers are a bit special, and as I understand it, are only available if you contact Cloudflare directly (and likely pay a fair amount, as well as accept some other restrictions).

It means nothing at all to your site if Cloudflare reroutes, everything will just work.

China POPs I believe had a starting price of 5 grand per month to enterprise customers and you required a bunch of certificates to even be eligible for them, it is quite complicated to have access to them.