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How can we use the new Cebu, Philippines - (CEB) Operational Server in the Philippines? We are in the Philippines most of our clients are from the Philippines


Usually the traffic is routed via the closest edge. So your visitors should be served through the according servers automatically.


Bandwidth costs in Asia are pretty high. Free plans usually go through cheaper POPs.

Which datacenter is are your customers seeing?


How can I check which datacenter is my customers is seeing?



It seems the site was routed in Los Angeles, CA, United States - (LAX)


It appears that datacenter may be rerouted at the moment (for all or part of the network) according to Sorry for the inconvenience.


It wasn’t re-routed when I posted my reply. Nor was MNL at the time. Perhaps the OP’s problem is why it’s now being re-routed?

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