Cloudflare sends www to old IP after changing hosting

For a client we’ve built a new website and put this on a new server at Cloudways, while the old website is hosted by WPEngine.
After changing the DNS records to the new IP for both the non-www (A record) and www (CNAME) domain, the non-www is going to the correct server through a CF proxy.
However the www domain is still being sent to the old server at WPE, and now requires a hard redirect to ensure it’s not showing the old website.

The DNS settings are all correct and pointing to the (new) CF IP addresses provided by Cloudways.

I’ve already had contact with support of both Cloudways and WPEngine with mixed answers, but no working solution.

Answer WPEngine:
“Everything is set up correctly, but we can not do anything that is Cloudflare related nor do we have support for it”

Answer Cloudways:
“Everything is set up correctly and should work as expected, and the problem is at WPEngine”

Cloudways also contacted Cloudflare with the following answer:

We’re sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties. is managed by wpengine.

If you do not need that custom hostname, you will need to contact this service provider, and ask them to delete the hostname from their system.
This will resolve the problem.

We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues by replying to this e-mail or ticket.
Best regards,

As far as I can tell is everything set up correctly and is the issue within the DNS of Cloudflare, since both hosting providers are sending different endpoints which are conflicting.
The main issue is that if I follow the advice of Cloudflare support, the www domain is not accessible anymore since it still points to the old IP address internally at CF, and without knowing the internal TTL I can’t just have 50% of the traffic end up at a 404 page at the wrong server for an unknown timeframe.

Unfortunately do we not have direct support from Cloudflare since it’s managed through the hosting partner(s), but this is a serious issue which neither hosting partners or I myself can fix without help from CF support.

So is there anything I can do to resolve this issue without killing 50% of traffic on a live website?

You’re most likely experiencing an issue with a Custom Hostname still claimed by WPEngine that they are possibly unwilling to release.

Try reading through the information here for some tips, though I couldn’t guarantee to you that the process would involve no downtime: Troubleshooting Custom Hostnames / Cloudflare for SaaS when moving provider


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