Cloudflare Sends More Than 1200 Bot Traffic Per Day


I added three days ago Cloudflare to my website and since then, Cloudflare sends more than 1200 visits per day to my website homepage.

At 6-7 minutes 16-22 bots enter the website on the homepage (direct traffic in analytics). After 2 minutes all the bots leave, but after another 6-7 minutes again 16-22 bots visits the website. I checked the IPs and they are for sure Cloudflare IPs…

What is that? These visits “harm” my analytics data and my bandwidth…

This is clearly some automated thing from Cloudflare, and I don’t know why… is a sistematic sent traffic from Cloudflare…

My website has in this moment 1000 views pe month, and Cloudflare sends more than 34 k visists monthly… this is really f…ed up… how to stop this?

Why Cloudflare Send 1200 bot everyday to my homepage url

Are you sure it’s not regular visitor traffic? Because Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, all visits will appear to come from Cloudflare IP addresses.


I am sure is not regular visitor traffic… I have 20 visits per day not 1200…

in the same day I added cloudflare this happened…

all these visits are for sure bot visits from cloudflare…

  1. I suggest you open a Support Ticket to see if they can identify what’s hitting your site.

  2. What’s the User Agent string of the bot?


maybe cloudflare smart transit monitor bots Cloudflare-Smart-Transit/1.0 User-Agent requests ?


yes. It could be… they stopped yesterday… but so many ? 1200 per day?

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