Cloudflare send wrong server_name

Good Day
I have 3 subdomains in DNS on Cloudflare
server1 - ProxyEnabled
server2 - ProxyEnabled
server3 - ProxyEnabled

There are pointed on same IP for example:

On this server I have nginx server and virtual-hosts with server_name like server1 and server2 and server3

When i’m checking nginx logs - I see that CF send only one server_name : server3
because of this virtual hosts not works properly

I am not familiar much about it, except the known HTTP header “server: Cloudflare”.

I might not be correct, but from my example, having one server (same IP) with 50 websites where each has got multiple sub-domains, running Nginx and each website has it’s own vhost file, each vhost file has it’s server_name variable set to domain name.

I am not quite sure what is happening here in terms of Cloudflare DNS :thinking:

May I ask which log file you check?
The main nginx log file or rather an access/error log file per each “subdomain” - if having it configured as a separated maybe?

Might be question a bit out of scope of this forums, but I am not sure if so.

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