Cloudflare send FALSE billing with huge amount

Hi everyone,

21 days ago at 26 March 2024 I get a new invoice with huge amount $2351.62.
This billing say I use Spectrum service but I don’t.
I didn’t subscribe any services from cloudflare, my current business plan due date on august 2024.
I think this is error from cloudflare.

I have created some ticket and cloudflare didn’t response at all.
Do you have any experience like this?


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

There was a billing system change that resulted in a declared incident during the time you referenced. Can you share your ticket number here?

Sure, my ticket number is #3200990 .
Do you know how to fix this issue ?


No, but we will get your ticket in front of someone who does, okay? I will submit an escalation request for you. When it is being reviewed, you should see a response here.

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I apologize for any inconveniences caused by this issue. Our billing team has reached out to you over ticket #3200990.


Thanks, cloudflare team already resolve this issue.

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Thanks, the issue is already solved.

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