Cloudflare seems to redirect our site to [

Cloudflare seems to redirect our site to This is what the technician of our hostingprovider tells us: it seems there is something wrong in Cloudflare itself.

I just had the same problem with the redeirect to the first time. And having the server open, I could see that there was not a single request coming to the server during this problem - which means, Cloudflare is not even forwarding the request to the server!

This can mean only 2 things:

a) Cloudflare has a problem and is randomly redirecting the DNS to a wrong one ( - see error and redirect error

b) weird blocking issue in the network

Knowing this I debugged it by setting my DNS forced to not use Cloudflare but directly your server - and everything works again as before!

How can we solve this error? I’ve read similar threads here on the community forum but no solutions.

Are you still encountering this issue @ngmvandijk? Can you share the domain name?

This is happening for one of the sites we have on Cloudflare also, and it only seems to affect some users but not all.
I see this related thread also with no answer:

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