Cloudflare seems to make the web app slow


Our web application is hosted in azure and is available in . I have configured the domain “” in cloudflare and the root A record points to the ip address of the azure url. But when i try to access the web app from it significantly slower than azure url. Here is a screen recording of the issue

We are going live in couple of days and this is major concern. Can someone kindly help me to fix this ?


In my testing I’m getting very fast times.


I am still facing this issue. The server is located in Central US and I am accessing it from India. Is there a chance that this is happening specific to my physical location ? We checked from two different locations in India with different ISPs. The problem still happens.


Also to test things I used another zone our cloudflare account “” with same dns records as “”. worked without a glitch. Here is the webpagetest result of both urls. - -

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