Cloudflare seems to be truncating HTML

I noticed one my site’s homepages was blank today except for the header showing up. Viewing the source code showed that the HTML just got randomly cutoff.

It seems to be related to Cloudflare because if I turn off Cloudflare APO or create a Page Rule to Bypass Cache for my homepage it is fixed instantly. And when I turn back on caching it happens again. So it seems like Cloudflare is somehow truncating my homepage HTML when caching it. Never had this issue before and it seems to only be happening on my homepage…

Is this happening to anyone else?

Do you have HTML minification turned on in Speed → Optimization?

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I’ve done quite a bit of testing and I can confirm HTML minification is causing the issue. It will truncate at random places on random pages.

Edit: Nevermind, I thought this did the trick but further testing found a page where there was truncated HTML. I’ve had to disable APO and haven’t found any truncation yet.

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