Cloudflare seems to be blocking my IP

I am constantly being challenged with a recaptcha on many sites I visit. I am also being blocked by a video conference service that I think is using cloudflare. I have checked projecthoneypot but my ip is not listed. Yet many many sites make me go thru the recaptcha. I mentions that I should check my computers on my network for a virus. I have state of the art AV running on my computers. I even turned off my wifi fir 5 days and just had 2 computers on the network. I am not sure why Cloudflare is blocking me when I am not listed on projecthoneypot, and its not just one site, its many many sites. I even get the recaptcha just trying to come to cloudflares website. I am not sure if someone here can look at the logs to see why I am being blocked? The only thing I can think is I have a computer that runs a scheduled task every minute to run a website page that imports tickets for my company. i am not sure if Cloudflare is somehow monitoring my ip? What is odd is I called my ISP and they gave me a new ip and everything worked for about a day, and then it started happening on this new IP. Any help would be appreciated!

If the website(s) you’re contacting are running Cloudflare, they might have security results that flag bots which try to scrape its content when they don’t want that happening. If your script is hitting that, CF will flag your IP since you’re (A) both trying to get around the block via changing your IP, and (B) continue to try to scrape website(s) which don’t want to be scraped.

A good rule of thumb is that if a company/website wants to give you access to its data, it’ll provide an API and not tell you to rely on scraping. If you have a good business relationship with this site, you should contact them about getting access to such APIs.

Thanks, another thought I had is I have some parental filtering going on here on my network. I think they are using a vpn or proxy. I went to this website,, and I saw my ip had this message “This IP address has been detected as a proxy connection, which could be hurting your IP reputation.” I called my ISP, and got a second IP to test with, and when I run that IP on the same site, it says nothing about a proxy, and I don’t get the cloudflare reCAPTCHA. I am wondering if this is all being caused by my using this parental software? I know the one I use on my child iphone uses a vpn. And then I am running some others on my windows desktops, and am not sure but that may be a proxy.

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