Cloudflare seems to be blocking Google Mobile Friendly Test

I’ve been using Cloudflare with the Wordpress APO for a few months. I’ve noticed that it seems like around the same time, my Google Adwords Landing pages have dropped to 0% mobile friendly. However, the pages always work fine in regular testing. I’ve noticed using Google Mobile Friendly Test sometimes the pages will fail with a bunch of resources blocked, and sometimes pass. I’ve put Cloudflare on development mode and that seems to get rid of the issue. I also completely disabled the Cloudlfare firewall and still had an issue. So I’m thinking the issue might be somewhere in the Automatic Platform Optimization. Does anyone have any ideas? I guess I’m going to have to disable Cloudflare APO for now. Here is a link to a failed test showing blocked resources

Interesting, when I tested again a minute ago, all good.

Or that could be due to:

But I do see HTTP headers:

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
cf-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress
x-litespeed-cache: hit

The one:
x-litespeed-cache: hit

Are you using a WordPress plugin for it or?


I am sorry to hear, but also I am not aware how Cloudflare APO could affect this.

Btw, really nice photos on your website :slight_smile: Nice!

Thanks! After further testing it doesn’t seem to be the APO, I’ve noticed the issue with it disabled. It seems to be an issue with sometimes the mobile friendly test will not load all page resources, and if the CSS isn’t loaded it will cause a problem. It’s strange and intermittent and I can’t figure out what the issue is. I used to get 100% mobile friendly on Adwords landing pages and now I get 0%. However in Google Webmaster tools I have like 99% mobile friendly pages. I’m still trying to figure out if something with Cloudflare is blocking resources from loading sometimes from Adwords clicks. It seems like my Adwords mobile friendly landing pages dropped to 0% around the time I switched back to Cloudflare.

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Same issue happening to my website that using APO.

Its really strange as I was using APO for months with zero issues… its happened about week ago.

I debugged it more and found its from APO… because its only solved when I set a page rule to bypass CF caching.

I contacted the support team but still no solution.

Same here as well. Any solution?

I was able to find the problem. Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) Beta is not compatible with preloads. I turned off Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) and now everting is fine.

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