Cloudflare seems not to work correctly

Hello everyone,
I have set up this website some weeks ago and I thought that I have prepared the Cloudflare settings correctly as in Siteground settings the CDN looks active, but when recently I have checked some tests and also checked the source of the page it seems that no elements are going through the CDN.

Also in the Cloudflare analytics I see most of my assets as uncached.
Then I went through the health check section of the Cloudflare page and I noticed all these errors:

  • Check nameservers

  • Check DNSSEC configuration

  • Check DS record configuration

I am using the DNS servers of siteground. Is this that causing CDN not to work properly?
I thought since Siteground is a clouflare partnet that all would be fine by using the siteground’s DNS servers.

There’s not supposed to be any change in HTML or URLs. Your static resources such as CSS and images are showing a HIT from the Cloudflare cache. If you look at the response headers for those files, you’ll see their cache status.

I have read in different forums that when you right click on a site that used a CDN and you check the source, then you should find many elements coming from a cdn url, like cdn.xxxxxx.
On my site, there are no such items, except some email links.

Also, I have run some tests through some sites that test a domain through many different global servers and the results are really slow, showing that the site doesn’t go through the CDN.

Your site performs extraordinarily well.

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Thank u for that.
Does this test page tell us that all these good results at your test page are coming because of Cloudflare? Or there is maybe some other reason?

And what about the DNS settings that are not available through Cloudflare or that I don’t see any images, css or js to be loading directly from the CDN, as there are no url of such elements coming from the cdn domain?

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