Cloudflare Security used for account baiter website

Hello, i have recently seen that this security company has secured a website that was programed to steal usernames and passwords from users that went to the website. Causing people to have deactivated iphone accounts, credit cards stolen, ect. I have screenshots of the host code, the account that led everyone there, and proof that they had taken control over a friend’s account. I went to the website myself and set up a account for the link (incase something were to of happened.) I went there, and it was a instagram login screen. When i saw it, i seen that i wasn’t logged into my account (as i normally am when link browsing,) so then i see if i can bring up the “sign up” button on the bottom of the screen (btw, will only work if its the legit log in screen or if the person was smart enough to think about scripting it in to a actual sign up page). It didnt, so then i realized it was a account trap. You enter your username and password, then you get rejected by the login, making you think you entered your pass wrong. While the person that recieved the user and pass changes your pass and takes your account. I know this because thats what happened to the bait account. I know that my friend’s account was stolen because i use a fake name on my social media sites that way no one but my friends know my real name. Making it easy to tell if they dont know me and i know they’re not the account’s owner. My friends always call me by my real name, thats how i could tell there was something up about the text and link i recieved. So if possible, could someone from the staff team of this security company report their IP address to the police? If you need more evidence, then ask.


Thats a case for


Thank you, i have just submitted a form.