Cloudflare security check on Multiple domains at once

This might seem a little Naive, But please bare with me, it will make some sense. I have two domains all are in Cloudflare for protection that Coudflare provides, all have the same security level. The difference is one depends on the other as it hosts Websocket server that the main domain depends on. Here is what I mean

A) ( Hosts websocket servers ONLY on two subdomains)
B) ( Connects to ‘A’ on random subdomains hosting websockets to Use websockets server)

The problem

Domain B security checks like ‘Browser integrity check’ ‘Sanity check’ the user will do whatever is required and go through.

When Domain B passes through Does it automatically pass domain A? because it works in the background web-socket clients just connect and are presented with ‘Browser integrity check’ ‘Sanity check’ because no ones solves the checks.

In some instances the Javascript websocket clients just show spinners showing connecting, but connection does not complete probably because of the security checks.

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