Cloudflare security blocking Ezoic extensions?

I have Ezoic and am using one of their extensions to troubleshoot my website. I am getting a 503 error when I try to pinpoint a delayed script with their Chrome extension. I reached out to them and they said “This could be occurring if your CloudFlare security settings are adjusted where it may be blocking our DNS compatibility. Can you check in your CloudFlare security settings and see if you can lower those settings? Can you try reaching out to Cloudflare about the 503 errors and DDOS protection? Most likely they are related and you will need to make sure CloudFlare is not blocking Ezoic’s tools or requests.”

Not sure what to check on this so would like some help.


Did you click on the 503 link in your post?

I believe so, it was just a box attached to the Ezoic extension

I’m not clear how that’s related to the two possibilities listed in the article.

I’m not sure either. That is why I am asking if anyone knows what they are talking about.

Sorry, but no. Ezoic doesn’t have a great reputation around here. They’re not very good about fixing the things they break.

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Yeah, tell me about it. They highjack your site and slow it down and don’t tell you how to fix it. I’m just waiting to get more traffic so I can go to another ad server.