Cloudflare scoring Threat score bigger 10


I added in my firewall rules Threat score > 10 and BLOCK. But the IP got access to my website. My manual check somewhere else there was a score of 80.

So, I expected that Cloudflare should also block it but it didn’t and I do not know why.

Can someone explain it to me why does Cloudflare give such a bad IP access to my website?
Or is it recommended to use other services concerning proxies / VPN?

Cloudflare maintains it’s own threat reputation database and scoring algorithms. I couldn’t say what a 3rd party uses to do their scoring.

okay, it would be nice if I can check the IP with Cloudflare to see the Threat score. From this IP an unknown person redeemed some vouchers and he was not allowed to do it. That is the reason why we had to check it.

Depending on our experience of this IP I confirm what the third party tool told me.

Is there a possiblity to see the Cloudflare score of an IP? Or do some requests UI or API to get the Threat score?

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