Cloudflare says that my .space domain is not registered

Just registered 2 domains .chat and .space

Did you search the forum for the error message?

and it says that .space domain is not registered when I’ve tried to add it

I’m not “getting started”… I use Cloudflare for years and have a lot of sites added

yep, some guys says it’s because of it’s already added. but I can’t see it in my sites list

First link in the search

I’ve seen it… Domain has DNS records already pointed to Cloudflare. I’ve added .chat same way…

That is the exact issue in your case. Point your domain away from Cloudflare to other valid nameservers which respond for it and only then add your domain.

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Okay, I’ll do it. Thanks… But recently I’ve added like 10 domains same way… adding my cloudflare dns automatically

It might have been these domains were previously on Cloudflare and thats why it already returned something for them. Before you add a domain you need to have valid nameservers for it.



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