Cloudflare says not a registered domain

Why Cloudflare says " is not a registered domain. Even though I signed up. Link : whois lookup - . Please check it help me. Thank you

Well, as the article, you yourself linked, says, your domain is not properly configured and does not resolve.

Reread the article once again and fix your configuration.

I successfully configured the NS pointing to Cloudflare, but Clouflare replied, “ is not a registered domain.” Please check carefully for me. Thank you

How can you set Cloudflare nameservers when you haven’t added the domain yet? You haven’t received these nameservers yet.

Still the same issue as before.

Plus, your domain is currently suspended by the registry

You need to contact your registrar and fix the nameservers.

I asked them, and they added success.

Again, your domain is suspended and you have the wrong nameservers. You need to talk to you registrar and fix the nameservers.

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