Cloudflare says my SSL Certificate is expired

Hi all,

I have a problem in that Cloudflare says my SSL Certificate is expired, even though I have a monthly subscription for a dedicated certificate through Cloudflare. I have disabled Universal SSL. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


It is worth noting, that I haven’t made any changes to this for over a month. The field that says that I changed settings 10 minutes ago, was only because I tried disabling SSL and enabling it again, to see if the field would update.

Mine shows that too. I had disabled Universal SSL a while back, then did some experimenting which involved re-enabling Universal SSL, then deleting it again. Now my status is also Expired Certificate. Mind you, that’s the status for the Universal SSL Certificate, not the Dedicated one you and I subscribe to.

But my dedicated certificate is still showing up in the site, so all is well.

Your site is still working, yes?

How long have you waited after you re-enabled it? Considering that it was disabled, it was not automatically renewed and hence you are probably now past the expiration. After re-enabling it it will probably be renewed with the next batch.

Just an assumption though, for proper clarification I’d open a support ticket.

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