Cloudflare says my site is protected, but it isn't

My site subdomains are all protected by Cloudflare, but when i run ping [mysite], it shows the real IP of my box. Tracert as well. Why is my main domain not protected, but all subs are?

If you check the DNS records here: then do you see Cloudflare IP’s or the real IP?

It shows the Cloudflare ips, but when I ping, it shows the real IP. Really odd and frustrating, because I thought I was protecting my IP from ddos but if they ping my domain, they go right through clouldflare.

You have the real IP cached or set in a host file or in your local DNS resolver. If it resolves externally to Cloudflare IPs that is what others will have returned.


I see. I have a subdomain on /etc/hosts, but not the domain. Could this be the problem?

Thanks @cscharff . Problem solved. Local host file issue.


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