Cloudflare says my host/server is down but not

This is crazy. Cloudflare is saying that my website (host/server) is down but when I access my website directly via ip address it is ON. Yet I cannot access it using the default browsing.

Directly accessing the website by changing /etc/hosts settings opens my website.
What is wrong?

It’s okay now. I solved my problem. I remove my domain from Cloudflare and use other DNS provider. It’s working now.

It’s really hard debugging what is wrong. CF don’t offer logs for this kind of issue we are not sure where the F did it go wrong :frowning:

I wish they tell us what is wrong or exact response so we can know what happened.

Hi @codenativity,

I’m afraid all we can offer here is some general information about the error.

As you can see from this, there are steps you can take with support to troubleshoot this, if you do want to use Cloudflare.

Thanks. I already removed my domain from CF.
I am not sure what happened. It is my fault also I was away my site went offline for 11 hours and I don’t know what is wrong. My webserver is accessible on my other monitoring so it means nothing is wrong on my side since server is accessible.

It was working fine for 3 months and I was confused what happened. I did not change any settings to my website. Maybe the fault is I was using a self signed cert and CF did not like that. :frowning: that is why it cause error after your upgrade.

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