Cloudflare says my site won't connect due to Web Server Host begs to differ

Getting an Error 522 with Clourflare’s network origin web server timed out. Kinsta says it’s because Clouldflare has more then one instance for my website and its their issue. Who do I believe? Kinsta setup my MX, DS, nameserver records and they do that for a living with a great reputation for getting it right. Cloudflare diagnostics implies otherwise.

This wouldn’t surprise me. There are often conflicts between standard Cloudflare accounts and Partner accounts, like Kinsta. It generally falls on the user (you) to get Cloudflare to fix this, but I don’t know why Kinsta doesn’t have enough influence as a partner to work with their Cloudflare connections to take care of this.

Thanks, for the reply. Getting no help from Cloudflare or Kinsta so I’ve hired a specialist.

problem solved. Kinsta was the culprit after all.

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