Cloudflare says my Apache2.4 (RaspiPi4) is 521 Down, but it's not, the IP shows as up

Please help me figure this out.

Is it properly configured for HTTPS?

It is, it uses lets encrypt, but I just use cloudflare as a dns because I prefer it over my registrars

Alright, whats the domain then?

If you only use it for DNS however, it wont be a Cloudflare issue. Most likely your DNS records are not properly set up.

The dashboard host is the issue, right?

My guess, your page rule only takes HTTP into account. Remove any leading protocol there and try again.

theres configs for both http and https atm

Can you post a screenshot?

I meant of your page rules.


All have always https

  • What about the first page rule?
  • Where are you performing the Discord redirect?
  • Which IP address did you configure for dasboard?

Also, if you want that setting for for all hosts you dont need page rules, set the global flag.

first page rule links just to some files so dont wanna screenshot
the discord redirect is
and its all the same IP, which is

So only the dashboard host is the issue?

Correct, and they have the same configuration.

Right now the whole server is down.

Do you have fail2ban in place? That might explain why Cloudflare cannot connect.

fail2ban? also connects outside of my local network, confirming it with a VPN. reports the server as inaccessible from all locations.

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