Cloudflare says it is active, but 0 scores improvement at GT Metrix and CDN Score "F" (not active)



I followed the steps and received a confirmation email from Cloudflare.

Yet all speed test scores say otherwise, 0 improvement, and no sign of CDN in tests, score F for CDN as not active.

Is there any manual A-record management that needs to be done? Nothing is active and I am even getting a weird error message failed document request from Google speed test when testing my site now, unable to load it properly.

Something is definitely off.

PS: I already had an SSL certificate with really simple ssl wordpress plugin, in case that matters.


GT Metrix frequently doesn’t recognize Cloudflare as a CDN. I believe the report tells you how to let it know you’re using a CDN.

If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look at your scores.


There has been 0 improvement in score, not 1 over 100, 0.

This is my domain

Is there any need to manually insert somewhere www. or https (which is what I read somewhere) so cloudflare links to the www domain as well or something like that.


I am getting SSL errors for your website


Is this what has made cloudflare inactive with 0 improvement? I have an SSL plugin for wordpress maybe there’s some conflict not sure how to fix it anyway


Please try the steps provided in Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH in Google Chrome - they fix the cipher mismatch issue most of the time.

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Any additional feedback?


Most of what GTMetrix complaining about are resources not coming from your domain. For example, YSlow “Use a CDN” is complaining about 14 static components hosted at

Just work you way down the GTMetrix suggestion list…though as I said, most of it is not hosted at your domain. It’s those third party resources that are killing your score.

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