Cloudflare says I have no websites....but I signed up and have a log


Hi registered with Cloudflare (free, included with my provider) a few months ago. I since have moved providers and thought I would change details or cancel cloudflare. But When i log in I get told " You currently don’t have any websites."

Audit log shows all these things: Network change setting, MX add, A add, CNAME add, Nameservers confirmed, Delete, Purge…

What does it all mean? Has my info been deleted because I changed providers???



Was the Cloudflare account set up by your provider? If they have access to your account then it’s possible they could have deleted stuff… If you submit a ticket with Cloudflare they might be able to say more about who did what.

If you don’t mind… just wondering… who was your provider?


Clook was my provider. I did not cancel account. Just moved the sites. I set up myself. Thanks. Maybe I will contact cloudflare. Did not see they have support. Thanks.


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