Cloudflare saying my servers are not configured?

I am pointing my domain ( at namescheap) to Cloudflare and using Cloudflare servers ( and This was over a week ago and I receive a recent email from Cloudflare advising that my domain is pointing to another set of servers.

I have just checked ICANN WHOIS and it confirms that my domain is pointing to the Cloudflare servers mentioned above.

Any advice?





It would seem as if the entire domain has not been added to Cloudflare.

Can you post a full page screenshot where Cloudflare tells you which nameservers you should set up?

ok on it …

on Cloudflare it says this:

on icann whois it says this:
which is the same as set up on namescheap

thanks for your help…

Thats mycompanyvideo, not thecompanyvideo.

Sandro, that’s the result I get when working late into the night! :slight_smile:

How can I change it on Cloudflare to ? Do I go to ‘create new site’?

Yes, remove the current one and add a new one.

thx…just tried locating ‘remove site’ within Cloudflare, could you direct me how to remove the wrong site?

I think there is an issue that you cant remove the only site, first add the actual one and then remove the previous entry.

Had pro-actively created the "correct’’ domain in Cloudflare and deleted the original incorrect named domain, which can be done in the OVERVIEW section, bottom right hand side under heading ADVANCED SECTION.

Hi… I am getting this feedback from Cloudflare, see here:

Please advise?

Hi Sandro, are you there?

Hi @markandfiona,

That message you get is addressed at An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found

You will need to add DNS records pointing to your web host for your site to work.

Thats a different issue and, as @domjh explained, you simply need to follow the instructions to set up whatever needs setting up. A missing record is not necessarily an issue, only if you want that record.

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ok got it … thanks @domjh and @sandro

Could you send me the links to walkthroughs on how to set up the MX, CNAME or A profiles on cloudfare?

You will need to contact your host if you are not sure of the content of the records you need, but here is the walkthrough on how to add them:

Received with thanks @domjh :slight_smile:

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