Cloudflare + S3 + Full SSL (new version)

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Was anyone able to configure static website hosted on S3 with Full SSL.
I know that there was this discussion on this subject already: Cloudflare + S3 + Full SSL but looks like the solution is either wrong or outdated. There is no default certificate for website endpoints. Website endpoints only work with HTTP. See AWS docs:

The only way do get files via https is to use the following format: https://s3.[region][bucket-name]/[file-name] but that would require some URL masking tricks which I think is not supported by cloudflare?

The only other option I see is to use Cloudfront or some other proxy which would complicate things.

Is there any other option I am missing?

Using SSL mode “full” non-strict allows you to pull from S3 even when its own certificate is ‘invalid’.

My s3 setup is explained here

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