Cloudflare’s blacklisted by Spamhaus

Spamhaus has blocked our IP forcing us to disable our Cloudflare service as it is causing emails to be blocked due to server IP reputation. It says that there is a site on the IP address that is " Hosting spammer & stolen credit card fraud sites/forums (escalation)" The domain Spamhaus listed is

We’ve contacted Cloudflare for a fix and removal request but no action was taken.

Can Cloudflare remove fraudulent sites like this stolen card website is Russia and submit the removal request to Spamhaus? This is so frustrating that we had to take CF offline due to this.

Hi @shawn5,

This comes up here quite a bit, you’ll find lots of topics with :search:.

If you have a verifiable report against the malicious domain, you can report it at Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

Good response to it here:

What Spamhaus is doing is not ideal and, in my opinion, is completely pointless. Lots of sites are on shared IPs - email providers should be using SPF/DMARC/DKIM to determine spam, not the IP your website resolves to, which is completely unrelated to mail.


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