Cloudflare Ruleset Redirect API Token Permissions

resource “cloudflare_ruleset” “redirect_rules” {

phase = “http_request_redirect”

I can’t find the required permissions (API Token) to use the Terraform resource cloudflare_ruleset with phase http_request_redirect

Can someone please help?

Hey there,

The phase http_request_redirect refers to the Bulk Redirects product. You should be able to add the account level permission for Bulk URL Redirects Read/Write to resolve your issue. For more information on API token permissions I would suggest taking a look at the following document:

Thats actually still doesnt work

│ Error: error creating ruleset redirect_rules

│ with cloudflare_ruleset.redirect_rules,
│ on line 1, in resource “cloudflare_ruleset” “redirect_rules”:
│ 1: resource “cloudflare_ruleset” “redirect_rules” {

│ missing the permissions required to create zone rulesets in the http_request_redirect phase at the zone level