Cloudflare Rules not working via Kajabi (SAAS Problem?)

We host a subdomain www[.]michelepeppler[.]com with Kajabi.
DNS is hosted with Cloudflare and we proxy the apex and www records as CNAME’s to ssl[.]kajabi[.]com
The apex is not hosted with Kajabi and instead we have Cloudflare rule to redirect all traffic from michelepeppler[.]com to www[.]michelepeppler[.]com
The problem is that Forwarding URL rules do not work for www[.]michelepeppler[.]com and we need to setup some 301 Redirects for certain paths.
It appears that Kajabi has some kind of SAAS arrangement with Cloudflare that overrides anything we try and use in our own portal.
Unfortunately Kajabi support has been poor on this and its taken hours of my time to understand this seems to be the case which has been very frustrating.
Can anyone please confirm this is indeed what is happening and if so how we can gain control over the management of www[.]michelepeppler[.]com?
To confirm this I setup a subdomain of test[.]michelepeppler[.]com and proxied it via Cloudflare to ssl[.]kajabi[.]com (exactly the same as www[.]michelepeppler[.]com) and test URL forwarding works perfectly.


I’m not sure on specifically how Kajabi’s setup works, but I think they do use Cloudflare for SaaS. Generally when that’s the case most of your settings don’t take effect as they control the hostname on Cloudflare.

I don’t believe there is a way to get this to work on your side without Cloudflare Enterprise and Orange to Orange. Even then, it’s only possible on some providers. Generally people work with the SaaS provider directly to understand their integration or move away from them completely.

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