Cloudflare routing

I have a web server in France (
I live in New Caledonia

I have argo configured on my website and dns points to Cloudflare.

When i ping it’s responding from (USA)

Why it’s not the IP of Cloudflare in Noumea ? (near from me) used ?

Ty and sorry for bad english

Cloudflare’s datacenters use anycast which means that they advertise all their IP ranges from all of their datacenters. This means it is up to the end user’s router to decide the path/route that it is going to take to get to Cloudflare.
Do a traceroute to the domain and that will tell you the amount of hop it took to get to Cloudflare. It is very likely that why the IP shows as being in the USA you are talking to the Cloudflare location closest to you.

Translated to hopefully make it easier for you to read. Also if you type in French there is a built-in translation system.

Les centres de données de Cloudflare utilisent anycast, ce qui signifie qu’ils annoncent toutes leurs plages IP à partir de tous leurs centres de données. Cela signifie qu’il appartient au routeur de l’utilisateur final de décider du chemin / itinéraire qu’il va prendre pour accéder à Cloudflare. Faites un traceroute vers le domaine et cela vous indiquera la quantité de saut qu’il a fallu pour accéder à Cloudflare. Il est très probable que la raison pour laquelle l’adresse IP s’affiche comme étant aux États-Unis, vous parlez à l’emplacement Cloudflare le plus proche de vous.

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The server near from me is New Caledonia or Sydney
That why i don’t understand why he’s using United States

How do you know the IP is in the United States? It could be that whatever tool you are using could just report all Cloudflare IPs are the United States even when they are not.

If you want to see where the routing is actually located, try this link:

It will show you your location, and the “colo” location using airport code format.

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