Cloudflare routing to far away PoPs since yesterday

I’m noticing some weird routing since yesterday:

Using ExpressVPN with a domain using Cloudflare (pro plan) routes me to weirdly far away PoPs:

Miami = VIE/GRU
Tampa = LAX
New Jersey = GRU (sometimes EWR which is good)
Dallas = LAX

This makes my website take 2-3x longer to load than it should

Would upgrading to Business solve this?

I’m not familiar with ExpressVPN specifically, but this sounds like expected behaviour as the Cloudflare PoP that you hit will be the nearest to where your traffic hits the internet (in this case, the VPN’s endpoint).

If ExpressVPN allows you to set a specific endpoint then you’ll probably hit a nearby Cloudflare PoP (nearby in terms of network connectivity, which may or may not be geographicially the closest).

Appreciate the reply – ExpressVPN does work as you suggest, and I’ve usually been routed to geographically close PoPs before with a few exceptions, but issues I encountered before lasted this long

Only reason I mentioned it now is because it’s been happening for the past 2 days

Looking at (which is a great resource), the Free, Business and Enterprise plans seems to be routing me to more geographically close PoPs more consistently (although the Free plan less so), while the Pro plan doesn’t.

Anyway, I did upgrade to Business and that solved it

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