Cloudflare Routing not forwarding emails from 'Cloudflare'

I have setup Cloudflare to forward emails from my domain to my gmail account. I did this by updating my MX Records to cloudflare MX Records as per ‘Email > Email Routing configuration’. This works great and I get all my emails forwarded successfully from what I can tell. However, I don’t get emails from cloudflare forwarded.

This creates a problem as this email address is my Primary Email Address registered to Cloudflare and therefore when I need to verify actions on my account such as changing my Primary Email, Setting-up Zero Trust, etc… I cannot receive these emails and therefore cannot do these actions in Cloudflare.

Is there a way to make Cloudflare emails forward to this email address?

I would recommend that you not use a domain that is managed by your account as the primary email for your account.

This will create additional problems if you ever lose access to that domain, for example if you forget to renew it.

As for why you are not receiving these emails, do you see any info in the Email Routing dashboard? If not, you might have ended up on the suppression list, which onnly support would be able to fix.


Thanks for your reply,

Nothing in the cloudflare email logs to show that it bounced. The emails do not even appear in the logs. However I have got ‘’ to forward email, but I don’t get any of the important ones from cloudflare about actions on my account !

I will look in the future to setup my email back on my server. However for now, is there anyway to contact support as a free member?

You can create a support ticket in the dashboard.

If you share your ticket number here, we can ask support to have a look at it.

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