Cloudflare Router Configuration

I need the cloudflare vpn configuration for my netgear router.

Sorry not sure any such thing exists. If you wanted to configure Cloudflare’s DNS servers for use on our router there are instructions here:

Did that. Still get DNS leaks to my isp. Not good.

I’m unsure what that means or what issue you are having/ trying to solve.


I have changed my netgear router DNS to etc… I run a dns leak test and find one cloudflare isp and five Comcast isp from the test.

I want to setup the router to use the warp vpn. I need the cloudflare configuration information.

You can’t as there are none, it may happen in the future if they decide to do that, but nothing has been announced as of now and it’s not planned.

Is the client you are using configured to use the router for DNS? Did you flush your DNS before/after running the tests?

I don’t think netgear supports DOH or DOT so your queries will likely be i’in the clear’ and subject to interception by your ISP for any number of reasons. Absent convincing them to upgrade their OS to support DoH/DOT you might consider running your own PiHole or DNS server.

If you know someone @ Netgear who is interested in a joint development project, we are certainly willing to discuss it, but I don’t believe their router OS is sufficiently robust or open to allow development of a wireguard VPN integration without their involvement.

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