Cloudflare root domain and Dynamic DNS

Does anyone know how I can use a service like DNS-O-Matic to update the IP of my root domain ( I figured out how to update my subdomains (have to create one entry for each subdomain in DNS-O-Matic) but I can’t get my root domain to update.

Thank you

From the Cloudflare end, it shouldn’t be any different from a subdomain. What happens when you try? There should be some response to the request.

Most of the clients (ex: DNS-O-Matic) require a host name and domain name (these can not be blank). So I can’t just specify to update it has to be I think I found a way around this but I don’t know if this is the “right” way of doing this. I added a CNAME for my root domain ( and pointed this to an A Record I created for one of my subdomains. I pointed DNS-O-Matic to this A record. But since it’s proxied I really can’t see if actually pointing to the correct IP. But since the subdomain has the right IP i’m hoping for the best.

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