🔥 CloudFlare Rocket Loader Disables It's Self On Page Speed Insights🔥

Thread: https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/issues/10947

Basically, I was running some tests in Google Chrome Lighthouse and wanted to cross-compare it with Page Speed Insights and noticed a script was being returned as render-blocking. Which of course, shouldn’t be possible if the rocket loader was running and it appears Cloudflare doesn’t run it on the Page Speed Insights user agent which leads to a huge discrepancy. A client site I am working on gets a 65-70 on lighthouse in chrome canary but gets a 40 in Page Speed Insights leading to a huge variation.


Ah that would explain my test results with Rocket Loader now. Maybe something for @cloonan @cs-cf to pass on to the relevant CF folks :slight_smile:


That would be great if it was passed on!

So Rocket loader do not actually help in telling google that site is fast? or Google is smart enough to bypass rocket loader?

I don’t think Google Bot is bypassed by the Rocket Loader but the Page Speed Insights test which is based off lighthouse is. So it does make your website faster for your visitors and to Google Bot but it leads to major discrepancies in test results.

Rocket loader do help in improving First Contentful Paint. Does it help in improving Largest Contentful Paint? Because google now consider Largest Contentful Paint matrix.

It does help LCP in addition to FCP

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