Cloudflare Reverse PTR

Hi comminity

I can deliver emails to Gmail because I cant set up PTR record

How can I add PTR records to Cloudflare. I have tried everything and its not working

My hosting is contabo

[type or paste code here](
[type or paste code here](

Do I need also to set up something in WHM?

Please help

My account in Cloudflare is free

Thank you


Sorry, I wrote it wrong. I can’t deliver emails to Gmail


You usually cannot create PTR records for IP addresses that you do not own. As neither you nor Cloudflare owns those IP addresses, you cannot create PTR records for them in the Cloudflare dashboard. In the screenshot above you have essentially created a PTR record on

It is possible your hosting provider (Contabo) supports creating PTR records for the IP addresses assigned to your virtual machines. You would have to consult Contabo’s documentation for more information on how to do this.


Thank you Albert

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That definitely works from Contabo. I used to have a number of VPSs there and you could easily set the PTR records.

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