Cloudflare returning multiple 5xx sporadically

Hi, I’ve successfully setup my forum with cloudflare. The forum is running the latest phpBB release and the webserver is nginx.
The site sporadically return a variety of 5xx errors, mostly timeouts nad sometimes some 525s, or it would load very slowly. Sometimes it just works. I cannot figure out the issue, my access.log seems fine, the error.log is clean.
I whitelisted cloudflare ips and now i’m using cloudflare origin certificate. Any idea?

What is the domain name?
Do you run your phpBB forum over port 80 and/or 443 on your Nginx setup?
Do you have in your config or vhost file added like ssl http2 ipv6only=on or any other ssl_ paramenters and if so which values for them?

What value under SSL options do you have selected? (should be good with Full SSL)

Have you already tried with this:

@lupettohf What’s the website URL your getting these errors on?

I am going through the same situation. In my case, it started this week, but precisely last Wednesday.

With Cloudflare active, the site is slow and randomly presents 5xx errors. Disabling Cloudflare the site works perfectly.

In contact with my host, they say that the problem is probably in Cloudflare.

Your host will blame Cloudflare most of the time and Cloudflare will blame the host. But what 5xx errors are you getting? And for troubleshooting 5xx errors visit And again, what’s the website URL?

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