Cloudflare return non-existing DNS records

  1. We have registered the domain
  2. The same site was added to Cloudflare, servers appeared in the DNS settings: and
  3. They were registered in the registrar as ns server.
  4. At the request: “dig -t txt” returns txt records which we didn’t create and which do not exist in our DNS management panel.
  5. All other records are issued correctly.

Question: where did the txt records come from, which we do not have?

Those are added automatically for DNS-based domain control validation for SSL certificate issuance. They’re supposed to be automatically deleted but there have been some reports of them sticking around. They shouldn’t hurt anything.

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How can you manage these records if they are not in the DNS management panel?

As far as I know you can’t. Do you believe they’re causing issues?

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These entries prevent me from passing the check for the letsencrypt and getting ssl certificates, since it does not read the entries that I create, but those that are now being returned.

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