Cloudflare return 520 errors please can someone help

Hello Cloudflare Support,

We have been experiencing intermittent 520 errors when accessing our application via our Wi-Fi network. This issue has been causing inconvenience to our users, and we’re keen to resolve it as soon as possible.

Upon investigating, we noticed that requests to our application result in a 520 error response with the following Ray ID: 88341876dd3e64bd. Our application is hosted on NodeChef, and Cloudflare is used for our Cloudfront and DNS services.

We’ve compared the request details between successful requests made from a mobile network and failed requests made from our Wi-Fi network. Despite similar request parameters, requests from the Wi-Fi network consistently result in 520 errors.

We’ve already ruled out issues with our application server, as no errors are logged on our end during these occurrences.

Here are the key details for the failed request:

Could you please investigate this issue further from your end and provide any insights or solutions to resolve these intermittent 520 errors on our Wi-Fi network?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

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