Cloudflare Restrictions after removing domain

I was having several issues after adding my domain to Cloudflare, so I changed the nameservers back to asmallorange (original provider) and then proceeded to remove my site from Cloudflare.
This was about 24h ago and I’ve confirmed the nameservers are updated.
But. When I got to my site, I’m getting the ERROR 1014 about CNAME records crossing over to a different domain. My domain is not connected to Cloudflare any longer, and I never had more than one domain on Cloudflare, so there’s no way the CNAME records could cross over.

This is day 4 of trying to figure out a mountain of these problems…please help!

The nameserver change could take up to 48 hours to propagate fully. What is the name of the domain?

You can check progress here

How did you confirm that?

You may want to investigate the history of your domain to ensure there are no residual CNAME records pointing towards Cloudflare in your DNS settings with your previous provider.


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