Cloudflare restore original IP under WARP for hosted websites

I have CloudFlare Warp+ subscription
On websites, that don’t use Cloudflare proxy (like I see that my ISP is CloudFlare, my IP is from United states (like
But on my website under Cloudflare I see my original real IP (like
Are there any way to hide original IP from websites under Cloudflare too?

Using a different VPN.

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WARP+ is not meant to hide your IP address. It’s just to provide a faster connection for mobile devices.

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Great idea, thanks, I didn’t even think about such opportunity

And then what “Private” at warp landing page stands for?

It’s “Private”, not Anonymous. WARP started with to make your DNS queries private from your ISP. WARP and WARP+ came later to tunnel your connections on the way to your destination, hiding it from prying eyes.


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