Cloudflare responding from Singapore Node for India user

As 80% of my website visitors is from India I want minimum response time for India so I deployed my side on Digitalocean Indian Server.
But as my site getting ddos I turned on cloudflare reverse proxy.
And the the problem is now all my indian traffic is serving from Cloudflare Singapore server.

So although I am serving fully static site (which revalidate after every 60 second using some cache control header) cloudflare server response time is always upto 15x higher than response time of my origin sever without cloudflare proxy.
I could use other cdn or even build my own solutions but I am scared about DDoS attack.

If there is any solution so that all my indian traffic will serve from Cloudflare Indian Servers for lower letency.
I know the cost of Indian Servers bandwidth is higher so cloudflare server from their cheaper nodes.

So my question is if I upgraded to cloudflare pro plan will they serve from India server.

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Do you have the statistics/analytics to prove that all the traffic is served from SIN?

To collect those data and analytics I have to add my own reverse proxy infront of cloudflare that will look at cloudflare response header (example: cf-ray : 64f3ad231bb8dcf2-SIN) and will feather add some latency.

So to test this

If you visit which PoPs do you see for the Pro plan?

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